quinns_crossing (quinns_crossing) wrote in lost_loved_ones,

Support People?

Our friend's 30-year-old son died just before Thanksgiving from an overdose of Vicodin combined with something else. We didn't know the young man, but we know how much the dad and stepmother loved him. I tried to find him for them but his situation was much worse than anticipated. He was dead less than 12 weeks after I began the search.

Mostly, I'm just trying to be there for both of them. I know that most friends can't handle it. But sometimes I wish somebody would support ME. I try not to lean on my husband and other friends too much about this. They can't handle it. And of course my two friends support me just as much as I can support them.

I left two voicemails and an email with the priest who said the Mass, but he hasn't answered. It's time for me to call somebody else.

The couple has been handling this about as well as one can handle those circumstances. One day at a time. I've read some books, but I need human contact. It's about the anxiety. I'm not afraid of THEM or their feelings. I'm afraid of messing up and offending one or both of them in their time of need.

Being there is better than not being there. I know I make a difference. I just wish I had a living role model so I wouldn't feel so much like I'm winging it. Thanks for listening.
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