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support groups

We had the first meeting of our support group (see my posting of Dec. 17th) in the new year tonight. As usual, emotionally strenuous but nevertheless quite good. Since the group is not quite "closed" (after it is "closed", the group does not change anymore and will meet regularly for 3 years. New bereaved parents will have to wait until a new group forms), we had a new member tonight. That worked out fine though. We all had too much to say (grief seminar for some early Dec., X-mas, New Year etc.). I am glad I have the group, because it is the only place I can cry openly without the fear of stupid (put nicely) remarks. Men grieve too, just different from women and I am glad I have the group, even if I was the only man tonight. I can only urge everyone who has lost a loved one to look for group where you can learn to live with the tragedy that has happened.
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