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More than just a friend.

My name is Christine and on November 29, 2009 I lost a close friend to Drunk Driving. Steven Dankos was a kid I grew up with and have been friends with for many years. He was killed in a drunk driving accident early Sunday and we had his funeral today. When I say we grew up together I really mean it. We lived down the street from each other for 14 years until he moved away. Though I wasn't close to him throughout high school his cousin is my best friend. He and his cousin lived next door to each other and all three of us and the other siblings and cousins and kids in our neighborhood always used to hang out. I can remember many afternoons of kickball games, waterfights, and biking races. Some stories just stick in your mind like how Steven was always the one to have to get the kickball from the grumpy next door neighbors when we kicked the ball over the fence. How he and his cousin Angie had to pretty much carry me home when I wrecked out on my bike. How he being the dare-devil that he was fell through the roof to a shed he decided to climb on top of. Stories like these are how I remember my childhood. As I attended his funeral today, I couldn't help but cry because I felt as if we didn't spend enough time together. I felt as though I should have tried harder to remain a friend to him as well as his cousin. I completely mourn his loss because he was an awesome childhood friend. One who teased everybody but also had a smile for everyone. I think it's hard for me to deal with this because he was just seventeen and he's the first of my friends to ever die.
When I think back to Sunday, I can only say I was shocked. We didn't have school on Monday so my friend (who is his cousin) and I were planning to go shopping and she had stated that she was going to text me with out plans. When she texted me all she said was do I remember Steve. I texted yeah I remember Steve, all the while I was thinking that she was just going to be like he's coming shopping with us. I can't deny that I had seen a recent picture on facebook of him and was like WOW he is so attractive. At 6 feet tall, Steve was a tall guy who was a star football player and very good looking. I was thinking about this and getting excited thinking Monday is definitely going to be a good day. That is until she texted me back saying, Steve was killed in a drunk driving accident this morning. I can think of no other word but shock to describe how I felt. Shock because a kid that I had known for such a long time (all of my childhood plus we had gone from Kindergarten to Eighth grade together at the same school) was dead. I'm going to miss him like crazy because even though we weren't close in the last couple of years I always remember our crazy times together.

RIP Steve
August 20, 1992-November 29, 2009
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